There is a better way to use
Oval Pay, it’s Google Pay

Enjoy all the benefits of Oval Pay with Google Pay.
Discover a faster and safer way to pay, in stores and online.

Pay quickly and securely with Google Pay

Google Pay is the easier way to pay in stores, online and in apps by simply using the Android devices you carry with you every day. It’s also the fastest way: you no longer have to create an account nor fill out lenghty forms and you check out on the go, with full security and confidentiality.

Use Google Pay wherever you see one of these symbols

Add your Oval Pay card
to Google Pay

Adding your card to Google Pay is simple. Open the Oval app, head to “Your card” and tap the “Save to phone” button. Alternatively, open the Google Pay app on your device and tap the + symbol.

Use Oval Pay with Google Pay
Pay anywhere with peace of mind

When you make a purchase, Google Pay uses a number associated with your device and a unique transaction code. Your full card number is never stored on your device or Google servers, nor can it be shared with merchants. Google Pay does not store information about your transactions, which guarantees you complete confidentiality.

Google Pay and Google Play are registered trademarks belonging to Google LLC

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