Make your Goals
come true

Imagine what you want and make it happen, thanks to saving Goals.

One saving pot is not enough for all your dreams. Thanks to Oval you can create customisable saving Goals, meaning you will no longer have to give up any ambition.

Think big

No limits
to your dreams

Plan all your projects, from the smallest to the most ambitious. You can create all the savings Goals you need and customise them the way you want.

You make the rules

Customise every Goal
and save at your own pace

Set Smart Rules to save the ideal amount for your Goals every week, and get what you want without even noticing.

Want to know more?

Saving has never been easier
You have many ways to save money, but with Oval it's easier. The app works in an automatic and recurring way, the only thing you need to do is set the right Smart Rules for each of your Goals.
Choose the bank account from which to transfer funds
The savings are withdrawn from the bank account where you will activate the direct debit mandate. Every Monday, Oval will ask your bank to transfer the amount accumulated in the previous week. For a full Oval experience, you can choose your Oval Pay account as source of funds for weekly transfers.
What are Smart Rules?
These rules allow you to put aside amounts automatically and recurrently, on a weekly basis, and you can set them on both Goals and investments. In addition, they are fully customisable to suit all your needs.

Your new financial life starts here